PUBG PC Lite installation process


how to download and install PUBG PC Lite on your Windows 7/8/10 PC. Just follow all the steps given above so that you can download Pubg lite on your  متجر شدات ببجي computer and play it without any problems.

In addition, when you download PUBG PC lite installation setup, the main game setup will also be downloaded and it will be similarly installed on your PC.

Download and install PUBG Lite on your Windows 7/Windows 10 PC

Step 1: You have to turn on the new VPN and also use the Open proxy site to create a new proxy server to redirect your traffic to the Thailand server. You should choose a server with 100% uptime.

Step 2: Now, a new connection should be created on a new VPN, after which you can start using it.

Step 3: Run the setup of PUBG Lite and then click on the install button which is written in Thai language.

Step 4: Once you click install, the setup will automatically start downloading PUBG PC Lite files and then installing on your computer. The download time depends on the speed or slowness of the proxy server as well as your internet speed. The new VPN setup also allows you to check the download rate and the name of the files.

Step 5: When the download and installation is finished, the game will automatically open on your computer, that means you can easily play PUBG PC Lite without any problems.



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